Our Community Partners

Oceanside Unit 146 American Legion Auxiliary received their Charter in October of 2009 and is growing each year in and around our community. We volunteered over 4,500 hours last year working our programs.




Coming home may be the end of one journey for many of our veterans; it is also the beginning of a new journey to transition to a “new normal.” At the core of the purpose and service of the American Legion Auxiliary is helping them get there.

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Connecting the visual image of the poppy with the sacrifice of service made by our veterans has been an important goal of the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program since its inception in 1921. On Memorial Day and Veterans Day.


Community service is at the very heart of The American Legion’s core beliefs and an integral part of the Preamble to the Constitution of the Legion, the Sons and the Auxiliary, “…to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation…”

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Auxiliary units in 49 states proudly host American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, an amazing week of learning focused on responsible citizenship and love for God and country.

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The American Legion has a strong dedication to supporting our nation’s youth. The organization was founded on the principle in 1919, when Children & Youth was declared one of the Legion’s four pillars. In the years since, a number of youth-oriented programs have been developed internally.

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